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SignalLab – Forex And Crypto Trading Signal Flutter App


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SignalLab app is a professional trading app that comes with Email, SMS, and Telegram integration. It was created for those looking to launch a trading or forex signal website with extra features. Today, there are almost 10 million forex traders worldwide.

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There are 1.5 million each in Europe and North America, 3.2 million in Asia. According to a CNBC poll, one in ten Americans currently invest in cryptocurrencies, often for the convenience of trading. More people are investing in cryptocurrencies, in large part due to how simple it has become to trade digital assets. The vast sector of trading and investment offers a full answer for the signal business. Users can sign up here and buy the plans they want, and the administrator can send signals whenever they want from the admin panel.

You have come to the right site if you are seeking for a Signal Sending solution system for your company. There is no need to hire developers for thousands of dollars to create your trading signal website. With the help of SignalLab, you can manage an unlimited number of users, plans, subscribers, SMS and email signals, integrate Telegram, and collect payments using credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and mobile money. With our system’s “ready-to-go solution,” setting up your website simply only a few minutes. We are also available to give you the best installation, customization, and support possible. Get your copy as soon as possible and launch your own trading signal website.

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