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Formidable Forms User Registration Addon GPL v2.13

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Formidable Forms User Registration Addon. Do you need to allow people to register, modify their profiles and passwords, and sign in from the front end of your WordPress website? This WordPress User Registration plugin allows your users to manage their own accounts from the front end. Create a custom registration form that allows new users to sign in to your site right away.

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Create a form that your consumers will enjoy. When users have many forms to fill out, make it easier by auto-populating them when they log in. Formidable’s user registration system can serve as the foundation for a variety of WordPress websites.

A seamless user experience is critical when creating a directory site or an eCommerce shop.

What’s the best feature of our WordPress user registration plugin? It is just one component of a comprehensive array of tools designed to help your WordPress website thrive like never before! Formidable Forms includes all of the tools you need to collect data and apply it to achieve strong results.

WordPress User plugin Registration Features

The User Registration plugin is one of the top three Formidable Forms addons. It’s little wonder, given the amazing features it offers:

  1. Formidable Forms allows you to create custom WordPress registration forms.
  2. Allow people to register and edit their profiles on the front page of your website.
  3. Allow administrators or other designated roles to register users directly from your website’s front end.
  4. Retrieve user meta and auto-fill forms with a logged-in user’s data.
  5. Include a login form anywhere on your website.
  6. Include a password reset form somewhere on your website.
  7. Allow visitors and logged-in users to construct subsites on a multi-site network directly from your website’s front end.
  8. Our plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes and provides numerous powerful features. Let’s look at some more of them below.

WordPress registration plugins can be easy

Simplicity is key when it comes to WordPress user registration plugins. Formidable Forms elevates ease-of-use without sacrificing complex functionality.

What is one of the nicest features of Formidable’s user registration plugin? It enhances the usual WordPress registration mechanism. That means you can integrate Formidable with any existing WordPress user base and achieve excellent results. You may even import users using our user import tool.

User registration admin is super simple

The administrative interface is also basic. Simply go to your WordPress dashboard in the backend and modify all of the necessary settings to enable your user registration system. You may easily change user roles, configure your registration page, and create a password reset page.

Creating your registration form in a flash

Creating a signup form in Formidable is simple—we have one built-in! However, you are not bound to utilizing it alone. You can utilize one of our numerous form designs. Want to keep users coming back? Give them the ability to change their profile from the front end of your website! Simply build a form with the appropriate options and direct your users there.

Excellent support

Not sure where to begin? You’ll find excellent support available to assist clients whenever they need it. In addition, our ever-expanding knowledge base has a great number of support documents!

Fantastic integrations

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better…they do! Formidable Forms includes dozens of connectors that can connect user registration to your favorite tools. If you already have a WooCommerce setup, you can use Formidable to create a custom WooCommerce registration form, for example.

But there’s much more where it came from. Use conditional logic in your forms to display users only the most relevant fields. After they submit the form, you may send email notifications and add the person to your CRM (like Hubspot) or email marketing platform (like MailChimp).

To be honest, there are simply too many connectors to list here! However, with our Zapier add-on, You will be able to connect almost any application to your WordPress forms and users. It’s just as pleasant as it sounds.

WordPress user login and registration plugin, plus more!

All of the following qualities are excellent. But what if you need to set up account pages and user profiles? Then you’ll require Formidable Views integration!

Formidable Views let you display form data as you desire. That example, your user registration form can be configured to automatically build a user profile page once the form is submitted (or approved).

With Formidable Views, you can develop a bespoke layout with little scripting necessary. If you are a developer trying to reduce your development time in half, this is for you! But Views is so simple to use that even a dedicated amateur may achieve excellent results.

Create a file upload field on your registration form, then use

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