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WP Fluent Forms Pro GPL v5.1.9 + Signature Addon v4.3.11 – The Fastest WordPress Form Builder

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WP Fluent Forms Pro is the fastest WordPress form builder powering over 400,000 businesses worldwide. The quickest and easiest plugin for creating forms in WordPress is called Fluent Forms. You may create entertaining and playful forms with the engaging user interface and more than 70 pre-built themes. Create, Modify, Remove. Simple and uncomplicated. Fluent Forms has it all, including multi-step forms, fully configurable drag-and-drop fields, HubSpot connectivity, and a special integrated visual data representation feature.

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Fluent Forms Pro Features

With all the captivating features, Fluent Forms may be used to create and modify forms for any kind of use. You won’t have any trouble creating a contact form or checkout form that is easy to use. The new Fluent Forms has an amazing range of features that will astound individuals from all areas of life.

  1. Ready Input Fields
    Every input field has been carefully designed with a specific function in mind. Everybody has unique qualities.
  2. Drag & Drop Form Builder
    All you have to do to create a form is drag and drop the necessary fields to witness the magic happen. Building forms has never been simpler.
  3. Pre-built Form Templates
    Know what’s enjoyable? Choose a template, then quickly create a form. Numerous templates, all of which are grouped.
  4. Calculated Fields
    Our form builder plugin can assist you if you have options for adding numbers and you need to get them calculated.
  5. Visual Data Reporting
    Fluent Forms will produce charts based on the supplied entries to help users better comprehend the data and take appropriate action.
  6. Step Forms
    Create multi-step formats out of lengthy forms now. Research indicates that these forms have a higher conversion rate and are more user-friendly.
  7. Multi-column Form Layout
    Do you want to alter the standard one-column layout? Introduce a two- or three-column layout by using Fluent Forms.
  8. Conditional Logic
    This one feature alone can help you gain the desired control over your form, making it an extremely valuable alternative.
  9. File & Image Upload
    Users can submit files and photographs if you give them permission to do so. Not to add, it’s a useful feature on occasion.
  10. Block Spams & Blank Entries
    In order to prevent blank entries, you can activate the default option and enable reCAPTCHA for human verification.
  11. Form Scheduling & Restriction
    When you want to showcase a form in action, schedule it, and exercise restraint when you don’t want users to submit.
  12. Automated Form Confirmation
    When the automated option is enabled, users will get a notification confirming that their form submission was successful.
  13. Conditional Email Notification
    Your forms are always with you. If you permit it, you and your users will receive notifications whenever a form is submitted.
  14. Repeat Fields
    A helpful tool for dynamically adding additional fields is repeat field. Adding a lot of the same fields is possible with this option.
  15. 45+ 3rd-party Integrations
    By integrating the plugin with third parties, you can increase its power and consolidate its strength in one location.
  16. Action Hooks for Developers
    Developers are familiar with action hook functionality. Use Fluent Forms’ action hooks to add custom input types.
  17. SMS Notification
    You can utilize a Twilio to enable SMS notification so that users can receive submission notifications on their phones.

Fluent Forms Pro Works with all Page Builders

All of the popular WordPress page builders are fully compatible with Fluent Forms. In other words, you won’t have any conflicts with your present page builder when you use our form builder plugin. Both the large and innovative builders can benefit from it.

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